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"ROFES-diagnostics" method

Determination of a person’s psycho-physiological conditions by hardware acupuncture diagnostics

A.I. Kornjukhin,
The Urals scientific and production enterprise “Altaim”,
Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Any concept pretending on explanation of the principles of a person’s behaviour is to be comparable with a human organism anatomic building since both the personal behaviour and one’s body have been transformed within a channel of the general evolutionary process.

Creating the method “ROFES- diagnostics”, defining personal psycho-physiological conditions by hardware acupuncture diagnostics, we were dealing with a human as a single whole multi-level hierarchical system, which consists of the sub-system physiological and psychological structures having multi- version internal links, and we study this system as an integral part of the Environmental System, interacting closely with the last.

We have reckoned the medical acupuncture diagnostic methods in the most appropriated ones which deal with a person as a single whole system, such methods as Nakatany (riodoracu), Fole’s method, on our opinion, by its own medical approaches giving the most complete picture of a personal functional health condition. These methods are taken as the foundation. We have applied the topology of measured points from Nakatany’ method and sparing modes of sounding current, galvanopuncture treatment from Fole’s method.

For the best visualization of a functional health picture, internal processes dynamics monitoring and the environmental influence to a human’s organism, the software provides a circling plane diagram. On the circling plane diagrams there are taken down bio-resonant characteristics of each measured meridian affected by sounding micro-currents. Bipolar measuring of responses of biologically active points and a mathematical analysis of current’s peak values within floating time interval have gained the information output available from a patient’s examination, in contrast to the traditional Nakatany’ method, and so, increased the reliability of a diagnosis.

Spending minimum time for a patient’s examination (3-5 minutes) allows to compete it with the Fole’s method ( the examination time is 30 to 50 minutes) which is respectable with its high clinical diagnostic reliability. However, we didn’t find any works on personal psychological characteristics defined by the acupuncture diagnostics anywhere.

What the psychological aspect of “ROFES-diagnostics” lies in? Any human behavioural responses are conditioned by personal motivational aspects. Though, any motive will be realized if it comes throughout a prism of an individual’s emotional mood, and it will be distorted least of all, if the person knows how to control this sphere in the most efficient way. This ability consists of one’s basal psychological characteristics, ethic and moral principles.

“ROFES- diagnostics” provides the opportunity for determining a personal emotional mood. Since the measured meridians system is responsible not just for the physiological organism condition – a set of organs and systems, - but also for the emotional state defining a person’s behaviour in some situation or other. The last reflects a power of abstract thought, which defines criterions of situation understanding and control over affective states. So, the “ROFES-diagnostics” psychological aspect lies in the fact that the mutual influence of personal internal conditions (an interior life) and one’s relationships as a single whole system with the environment are defined by a person’s meridional system data.

The methods of diagram’s interpretation combining the empirical experience of the specialists that use this screening method for 3-5 years provides representative clinical diagnoses and determinates a patient’s psychological conditions. At the moment, an extensive knowledge on “ROFES– diagnostics” methods is amassed accumulating the specialists’ expertise verified by their clinical observations in cardiology, immunology (hematology, endo-toxicosis), pulmonology, vetebra-neurology, gastroenterology, reflexotherapy and psychology.

In the spheres of psychology, the experiment has been conducted for defining of the senior school children’s psychological conditions both by ROFES hardware testing method and traditional psycho-diagnostic methods – by Lusher and Isseng’s test. It has been tailored and promoted by joint efforts of the specialists from Chair of psychology, pedagogy and medical information, the Faculty of Advanced Medical studies, The Urals Medical Academy.

As the result, the vegeto- emotional tonus scale for testing on the tool ROFES has appeared. Correlation analysis by Spirmen’s method (range correlation) with Lusher’s test showed high correlation rate 0.9. That is what we have got a foundation for considering the hardware testing express- method valid. This observation had been undertaken with 86 pupils within from four senior classes of the school No 208 /Yekaterinburg/.

In parallel, on medical line, functional disturbances, chronic and exacerbation diseases have been revealed via ROFES-diagnostics.

Analyzing the experimental work, we have come to a conclusion about the necessity of automated integral personal functional health appraisal. We deal with the personal functional state as a sum of medical and clinical organism conditions and one’s psycho-emotional background, i.e. mean an organism dynamic balance while the environmental changes – “homeostasis” (it is possible to translate as “ power of stability”, “Stress without distress”, G. Selie).

We have developed the 5- point score for a person’s functional condition expert estimation: FINE, GOOD, SATISFACTORY, UNSATISFACTORY, REHABILITATION DEMANDED, based on the automated mathematical fiscal data analysis and these were stated as “Adaptation Potential”, i.e. a person’s condition affected by the environmental stress factors.

Therefore, PC data processing of a human’s organism measurements with initial integral characteristics as an estimation of the personal functional health condition, an adaptation potential to demanded environmental requirements and vegeto-emotional tonus computing simplified the work with the express methods “ROFES- diagnostics” to an operator’s level – laboratory assistants and junior staff.

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