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Human dependence syndrome the grounds basing on the ROFES galvanic-puncture diagnostics of the human meridian system

A. I. Kornjukhin
The Urals scientific and production enterprise "ALTAIM"
/ Yekaterinburg, Russia/
War veterans Sverdlovsk regional clinical psycho-neurological hospital
/Yekaterinburg, Russia/

Under the dependence syndrome we mean the human organism condition with constant demand in the substances regarding to drugs, alcohol, toxic etc.

It is possible to consider these needs as a mechanism for the compensation of psycho-emotional disturbances and further disorders in proper human communications. This could be also a veiled keeping off the struggle for ones own goals and desires, which is realized in a hyper-anxiety in the case of impossibility to turn its into reality by one. We suppose, that dependence states have to be reflected on such human structure as ones meridian system.

For the first consulting, there is carried out the ROFES computer diagnostics of patients psycho-physiological conditions in the Medical psychological rehabilitation department of the War veterans Sverdlovsk regional psycho- neurological hospital. The analysis of human meridian system energy characteristics by the bio-active-points galvanic- physiologic parameters founds the ROFES diagnostic method.

Working with participants of local wars in Afghan and Chechenia, we have discovered some natural results in the energy drawings conforming to these groups, those allowed us to make a number of supposes concerning an issue of the dependence syndrome.

Joining these people groups into the risk group is confirmed with their similar psychological conditions: depression, asthenia, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide in often. From the experience everybody knows, that, mainly, an alcoholism is the "afghans "way in their post- war life, using the drugs the nature for participants of North Caucasian anti-terrorism action, mostly. Though, we can find out the similar appropriateness in the energy drawings for the both of groups. Energy conditions of the TR and MC meridians correspond to the reduction of its normal energy. In psychological interpretations by means of the ROFES diagnostic method, the TR meridian condition keeps the control over affective states and it is an indicator of human reaction to the actions of surroundings. The meridians weak energy is a showing of hard aggressive surroundings and the reduction of the control over affective states.

Why could we state that this condition of the meridians characterizes the dependence state?

Using the ROFES, we have made the expert researches with chronic alcoholics which had visited psychotherapists in order to get psycho-correction courses. The energy characteristics by the meridians TR and MC were as following. The expected value of the TR meridian energy non-normality - from normal energy to weak area- corresponded to 94% for the sample of alcoholics. Weak energy of the MC meridian reached up to the expected value of energy non- normality of 70%.

Similar researches were made on drug addicts getting rehabilitation courses in our hospital. The significance of the trail with this group was lower than in the sample of alcoholics because the ROFES tests were taken from the patients with different rehabilitation periods, and the differences affected to their energy drawings as the part of them had got the treatment. The expected value of energy non- normality by the meridians TR and MC corresponded to 65% for the sample of the drug addicts.

Below there are average drawings for dis-adaptive groups suffered from post- stress syndrome ( the "afghans", the "chernobyls" the Chernobyl disaster liquidators) in a comparison with the average diagram for chronic alcoholics in Picture 1.

It is possible to agree with the authors of the ROFES diagnostic methods ( Dr. G V Thalalajeva, Dr. I.G. Lavrik, A.I. Kornjukhin, 1998) that their proposal about the similarity of the energy diagrams for the dis- adaptive groups suffered from post- stress syndrome and the groups with asocial behavior and dependence is confirmed with the results of watching on chronic alcoholics and drug addicts.

Certainly, the determination of the appropriateness between the human meridian system energy diagram and the dependence state does not achieve the only aim to take up diagnostic tests.

Having such energy diagram, provides the optimum treatment course for the patients rehabilitation in the combination with psychotherapies.

The diagnostics of the dependence is important in cases of reveling the last while making the access- control in order to carry out risk tasks by people, or, closed forms of alcoholism and drug addiction.

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