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The Use of Bioresonance Phenomenon in Diagnostics and Treatment

I. Shumov


Аuthor of polifrequency correction on syndromes and nosologies in "Physiotherapy" module. Traditional medicine doctor, full member of World Association for Chinese Medicine (WACM), Canadian Academy of Chinese Medicine (CACTHS), International Academy of Discoveries and Inventions Authors (IADIA).

The seminar on advanced training for work with the "ROFES"

Bioresonance therapy is divided into 2 main kinds: exogenous and endogenous. The idea of bioresonance therapy (BRT) was put forward and scientifically proved by F. Morel in 1977 and lies in the use of superweak electromagnetic oscillations taken from a patient and returned after device processing as a way of treatment. Electromagnetic field therapy is also resonance but, unlike in MORA-therapy, electromagnetic field affecting the patient in latter case is external towards him. Therefore, electromagnetic therapy can be surely called exogenous bioresonance therapy. Presence of bioresonance in the system is caused by the following factors: oscillations features (oscillations spectrum coincidence increases the possibility of resonance effect occurrence); frequency (in order resonance effect to occur in the system, the frequency of oscillations applied to it must coincide with the frequency of the system itself); amplitude (the larger the amplitude is, the more probable the resonance occurrence is). Russian and German scientists proved the fact that electromagnetic fields receptors-receivers are meridian systems and acupuncture points (AP). In the course of experimental research in the areas indicated low-frequency electric and electromagnetic waves were discovered which have the maximum amplitude indices on a number of discrete frequencies in the range of 1-100 Hz. It was discovered that when the sensor is displaced from the area of AP, the waves amplitude decreases distinctly and spatial waves distribution in the area of AP projection has aelotropic character. The waves recorded on the parts of a body outside biologically active areas were of a noise kind and their amplitude was 5-10 times less than of ones within AP projections areas.

In the American researchers’ (Rife, Clark, Statford, etc.) works it is pointed out that resonance frequencies are not limited by the range of 1-100 Hz. At least it is proved that resonance frequencies may vary from 0,1 Hz up to several million Hz.

All living organisms have an ability for pathologic information accumulation. That is why it is always possible to destroy only those oscillations which exist at a particular moment and are available for impact. But as information accumulates constantly, new pathologic information will certainly appear again. Consequently, if the disease is acute, 3-5 sessions are sufficient while for chronic diseases 8-20 sessions may be needed.

In comparison with electricity impulse treatment, method of treatment by therapeutic frequencies created by electromagnetic field has a number of advantages: therapeutic treatment session is conducted without any feelings and, which is very important, treatment overdose is impossible.

It is known that homoeopathic preparations’ spectrums are the following: low potencies (up to D 6) have spectrum up to 300 Hz, medium (D 6 – D 12) – from 300 to 1000 Hz, high potencies (D 12 – D 200) – from 1000 to 10000 Hz. Consequently, some analogies can be drawn for treatment by electromagnetic oscillations. This "ROFES" version allows to use frequencies from 0,1 Hz to 500 Hz, i.e. practically it corresponds to homoeopathic preparations 10 times diluted.

The term "biological resonance" is understood as the process when such frequency of external impact is obtruded to a body’s particular level of structure-functional organisation, that the corresponding tissues stop conforming to the pathologic information in existence and began functioning under the influence of new mode from the outside. In order to be in resonance with different organs and systems treatment programs have been developed. They represent a number of frequencies from 1 to several tens for solving the problem posed. To achieve stable effect long therapeutic treatment is needed: 2 minutes for frequency treated for children and 3-5 minutes for frequency for adults. The duration of the session may be up to 2 hours. It must be mentioned that the higher frequency is, the shorter the time must be. Treatment with these physiologic electromagnetic frequencies leads to morphologic and functional restoration of tissues and organs pathologically changed and increases the treatment efficiency significantly.

Like any other treatment method, electromagnetic field therapy has its contra-indications. They are the following: pregnancy, decompensated heart disease, pneumosclerosis with susceptibility to bleeding, cardiac infarction less than two months ago, congenital pathology of central nervous system. But in fact these contra-indications are relative.

Under the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) changes occur and they realise on all the levels of living matter organisation: subcellular, cellular, tissue, organ, system and body. The influence of electromagnetic fields upon organic compounds and biological objects is connected with complicated molecular-biological, cellular and subcellular processes. Electromagnetic field’s medicinal effect depends on human body’s peculiarities. Important factors may be the following: age (older people react less), gender (men are more sensitive to EMF), initial functional state (working organ reacts on EMF stronger than the one at rest).

Nervous system is the most sensitive towards electromagnetic impact, then come endocrine, cardiovascular, blood, muscular, digestive, secretory, respiratory and bone systems.

For the last 18 months 655 people have undergone through the course of exogenous bioresonance therapy. The average treatment efficiency is 71%. Treatment by frequencies was applied to acupuncture points according to the body’s state diagnosed. In some cases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis and some others) besides treating acupuncture points local treatment was applied. Individual program on frequencies was compiled for every patient. As the diagnostic capacities of the "ROFES" set of hardware and software diagnostics are limited within 15 Hz, additional frequencies had to be used for full treatment. To build up frequency combinations the works of R. Voll, P. Schmidt, R. Rife, V. Ludvig, D. Bar, R. Herber, H. Clark, D. Harvey, R. Statford and others have been used. The average course consisted of 10-16 sessions held daily. In some cases the course repeated 2-3 weeks later. Alongside with this treatment all patients got individual preparations created by frequencies transfer to homoeopathic groats. It is worth mentioning that exogenous bioresonance therapy method is compatible with many other alternative medicine methods.

As a conclusion, I would like to point out that exogenous bioresonance therapy are highly effective for treating a large number of diseases. This method has a good prospect for treating such serious diseases as hepatitis, AIDS, malignant and non-malignant neoplasms.

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