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Screening diagnostics and its applications in complex rehabilitation of children

Yekaterinburgs Regional scientific and practical centre of childrens allergo- dermatoses

At present, the biophysical research methods are widely used for organisms functional condition evaluating.

Since 1993, the diagnostic tool "ROFUS-24" is used for the children within Yekaterinburgs Regional Centre of allergodermatoses, and since 1996, the improved analogue the galvanopuncture diagnostic tool "ROFES" ( a register of functional- emotional condition) which is not only a diagnostic system but also a treatment tool. It is intended for measuring of bio- resonance characteristics from a humans organism meridional system by classic acupuncture points and by Su Jouk method.

High information contents and reliability of diagnostics are achieved as distinct from well known Nakatany method due: entering additional parameters of sounding current acting on biological active points (BAT); the method of registration of a points reaction affected by currents; displaying on PC, classification of a patients medical and psycho-emotional states by test results.

Measurement interpretation method using "ROFES" is based on dealing with a person as a single whole multi- level system uniting ones physiological systems and generated psychic functions what are impossible for studying separately because these developed in parallel in the human evolution. The methods includes an accumulated empiric experience in compliance with traditional laboratory research by specialists working with this diagnostic method for 5-8 years; also, the results of medical tests obtained within from the certification procedure of the unit in the Ministry of Health Care of Russia.

The acquired expertise enables to provide a diagnostics with high reliability in pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology, to reveal an oncologic diathesis, endo- toxicosis syndrome. And what is very important, it provides with evaluation of a patients psycho- emotional background, certain psychological conditions, frontier states, what is particularly urgent today when psychosomatic diseases are spreading.

During working with "ROFES- diagnostics", about 2000 children suffering from chronic dermatoses have been surveyed in the allergo-centre, and 12% of them with heavy invalid forms. These patients have been observed and treated annually in a stationary, now they are on dispensary books in the Centre and undergoing scheduled treatment courses in the rehabilitation therapy cabinet.

Analyzing such patients Rofograms", could be noted that in 90% cases the tool ROFES indications are coincided with clinical- laboratory research data.

To compare there were registered 100 "rofograms" of the children with heavy invalid forms of allergodermatoses. 98% of them had a presence of pathologies in gastrointestinal canal, 80% - neuralogic ones, 50% - otologic. 70 per cent of the children had the pathology of vertebra. For all the patients, indices of secondary immunity deficit that have been detected by "rofograms" were characteristic. 70 per cent of the examined patients had changes in psycho- emotional background, what demanded for the surveillance in the Centre

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