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Automated work place "A family doctor"

A.I. Kornjukhin,
The Urals scientific- production enterprise "Altaim"

Head of Medical- psychological rehabilitation Department,
Sverdlovsk regional clinic psycho- neuralgic hospital,
Yekaterinburg, Russia

Software/ hardware galvanopuncture diagnostics set "ROFES" is the basis of automated work place (AWP) / design and product by The Urals scientific- production enterprise "Altaim, Yekaterinburg, Russia. Licence RosAPO Certificate 970188 dated 28/04/97. Licence of the Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation 42/99- 408-0789 of 01.06.99/.

Designing AWP, a priority had been paid to meeting demands of a doctor to have maximum information in real time scale about examined patients for comparative analysis on PC display.

First of all, it is necessary for a family doctor demanding for maximum capacity of his work place with medical information, its storage and further processing. At the same time, a doctors work place is limited with a single cabinet or a single table. Considering this requirement AWP can be installed as the portable computer like a notebook.

AWP software is designed in such way that any medical specialized information acquired from foreign and domestic hardware having an output to IBM can be collected, stored, processed and displayed. These can be photos, X-ray photos, ultrasonic examinations, cardiology information, i.e. the screening diagnostics information. Modules of record, storage and transfer of video information (video record of an interview with a patient, consultations with distant specialists) are provided.

All the listed information is formed in "Tele- communication" option into separate file and can be transmitted to any medical station having a similar system by exist communication systems.

Using AWP "A Family doctor" for distant stations by ambulances and using its facilities in operative medical information exchange mode between AWP and basic medical center enables to bring nearer the capacities and features of this medical center up to distant medical services, therefore, to the patients. So, status of ambulances rises up to status of mobile clinics.

Software "ROFES" allows to obtain on a base of expert calculations:

  • Integral characteristics of organism functional condition;
  • In terms of traditional medicine interpretation of clinical state of a patient with automatic evaluation of proposed condition;
  • Unique interpretation of psycho- emotional condition with output on psychological correction;
  • Affirmations depending on the results of measuring.

Using software "ROFES" there are opportunities for:

  • Galvanopuncture and MRT- magneto- resonance low- frequency therapy by Foles and Mandels methods using feedback to a patients energetic constitution (below threshold treatment) 2-15 mkTl
  • Puncture photo therapy 620 nm; 5-15 Hz
  • Colour therapy with feedback to hardware measurement results.

Diagnostic results allows to link a patients clinical condition simultaneously with ones psycho- emotional portrait and to reveal key reasons of disease, i.e. diagnostics enables to define a patients psycho- somatic characteristics.

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