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Estimation of personal and group characteristics of a functional condition of sport teams by means of psycho- physiological hardware testing

Sports doctor,
Men Volleyball Premium League team "Izumrud",
Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Every trainer wants his pupil to succeed among good scorers. To achieve set objectives, he raises all the efforts of the sportsman for high results. However, whether childs organism can take psychological and physical loads or he has a potential that will unlock and realize his resources without harms to his health and psychological trauma? How to forecast a teams development trends and an improvement of the sportsmen results? At present, when there is no any finance support for the development of mass sports, these problems are to be solved proceeding from intuitive and professional abilities of the trainer and his nearest assistant a sports doctor.

At best, engaging in sports groups is carried out on a district therapists conclusion, even psychological testing on sports line is rarely provided. First of all, a sports doctor is interested in what the loads could be offered to a sportsman and how long time is needed for his rehabilitation, i.e. how much a sportsmans organism is adaptive to heavy loads demanded of a trainer.

Mainly, the express- diagnostic tool ROFES supplied by the Urals scientific- production enterprise "ALTAIM" can meet demands of a sports medicine. Designed methods enables flexibly to survey a sportsmans health condition all the time before physical loads, in process, after training constantly observing objective results of the work. This allows to analyze and forecast a sportsmans organism reserves. Also, it provides determining a psychological compatibility in a group.

On the base of Premium League Volleyball Team "Izumrud", we have conducted monitoring examination by ROFES. A purpose of the research was the influence of sports loads to the players psycho-physiological condition during a game: before and after, also, determining of their personal psycho- physiological characteristics.

Four sportsmen were surveyed in the experiment. Their indices read via ROFES are specified below.

General functional indices of players (names are changed)

Readiness for a game / a persons adaptive potential calculated by software on the base of measured parameters of a persons organism functional condition as an index of readiness to perform duties in per cent /.

Izm-ev 35% a condition is UNSATISFACTORY.
Grat-ov 92% a condition is FINE.
Zav-n 77% a condition is GOOD.
Br-d 58% a condition is SATISFACTORY.

Result of game influence / personal adaptive potential as an index of the results of game influence in per cent/

Izm-ev 100% a condition is FINE.
Grat-ov 62% a condition is SATISFACTORY.
Zav-n 71% a condition is GOOD.
Br-d 62% a condition is SATISFACTORY.

General analysis

By ROFES express- diagnostics results of the players functional condition, in which a medical component and psycho- emotional background are included, we have acquired the picture of readiness to perform tasks by the sportsmen and the results of the game process affecting to every supervised player.

Total adaptive teams potential before the game accounts to 65.5%
Total adaptive teams potential after the game accounts to 73.75%.

Evidently, the game process affected to the sportsmen positively, what is an evidence of the players professionalism and a professionalism of the trainer in selection of the team members. However, a volitional stimulation of human organism is carried out on expenses of the compensatory forces, what sharply disclose weak points in a personal somatic condition. This characteristic has been displayed also in the result of diagnostics. The players physical traumas were marked out before the game as aggravating factors of functional conditions estimation. To the end of the game purposed weak points have been specified clearly on a display, though a general psycho- emotional background, as said earlier, became more stable. The conclusion of this research: it is important for the doctor to pay attention on a surveillance of the revealed factors of the players physiological conditions to select the personal rehabilitation programmes on a base of the diagnostic results, while it is necessary for their trainer for the individual selection of training loads for each player of the team.

Personal psycho- somatic characteristics of the players acquired via "ROFES- diagnostics"


A good ability practically to find his bearings in established circumstances. At the moment of diagnostics there is the clear result of a conflict with the surroundings ( before the game).
An ability to arise his organism to act.
Clear- minded.
Total portrait "inside himself"


Calm, steady, takes happenings to heart. Thinks highly of himself.
Weak point is a meridian responsible for supporting and motor organs, what have been discovered by the second examination after the game.
Total portrait is "Performer".


Emotional, labile, harmonious self- disciplined.
Has to arise a team with his emotionality. Mostly he suites for a leader, though, his emotionality may do a bad in a heavy or hopeless game, in that case the player of type of Izm-ev is demanded for.


Harmonious. Though, he has a poor life experience. Creative in a game. The weak point is a meridian responsible for supporting and motor organs that have been revealed in the second examination after the game.
Suspicion on a weakness of a meridian responsible for kidneys. Necessary an urinoscopy for protein and leucocytes exclude a pyelonephritis.
The game excited a total emotional background positively he relaxed to the game end.
Total portrait is " Creative performer".

Game start
Game end
Weak point is meridian R revealed to the game end.
Adaptive potential 58%
Adaptive potential 62%
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