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"ROFES- diagnostics" is a synthesis of medical and psychological aspects in a persons organism structures analysis

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Yekaterinburg, Russia

At present, the problem of psycho- somatic diseases becomes urgent. On our point of view, it is stipulated not by only unfavourable ecological conditions in the countrys regions, but mainly with a persons attitude to the being in such conditions and ones awareness of a linkage between ones diseases and ecology. On our opinion, ecological background is an intensifying factor of contracting diseases, and often the key reason is hidden in a person oneself.

Needs in research of psychosomatic disturbances origin mechanisms and the correspondence of certain nosology forms to concrete psychological conditions, but not only registering physiological changes while a persons emotional background changing, could be met by "ROFES- diagnostics".

Considering of a patients psychological states and its separating from medical ones by "ROFES- diagnostics" have increased the reliability of medical conclusions about a persons organism conditions, what had been verified by clinical tests of this method.

Survey of psychological conditions has been conducted with the various groups: pupils, students, participants of local wars, convicted persons. Research and scientific data processing were carried out jointly with specialists from The Urals Medical Academy and The Urals Pedagogical University.

It is stated that a persons organism adaptive reaction having an internal origin, mainly, is formed by exterior circumstances in which one is being. Environmental influences are able to act on personal adaptive resources, whether stimulating or exhausting its, while these resources are depended on pre-morbid organism state and basal psychic conditions of a person. It is accepted to consider a persons adaptability as a result of interior and exterior influences on ones ability to adapt, i.e., ones reserve.

Each person is unique. Ones organism reserve and basal psychic conditions depend on those environmental factors in which the person was developing: from a family a society sell- up to a country in which one is living: these factors are inherited, moral, economic and social, ecological. So, all of these are stipulating in forming a persons adaptive mechanisms, developing as the result of a constant experience in personal relationships with the environment.

Getting in an extreme situation which is characterized as one where is no personal experience, leads to a persons resources exhaustion to support the inner harmonious state: physiological as well as psychic.

Being in zones of war operations, or in the area of liquidation of Chernobyl disaster and others stipulated by many factors of a pathologic action, when the majority of distressed participants have no any experience in interactions with, results in a rapid loss of their adaptive resources. Correspondingly, to decreasing of adaptability an ability to adapt in peace- time.

Therefore, testing the patients on tool ROFES we comes to the psychosomatic mechanisms of dis-adaptation of a person which has been distressed by extreme terms.

On the presented rofograms you could see the clear features of illustrations typical for some tested groups ( "Chernobyl s " and "Afghans" ).

Rofograms of "Afghans" measured in the psycho- neuralgic hospital for veterans of wars
Rofograms of Chernobyls liquidators measured in the Center of radiation medicine

A similarity of the illustrations enables to make a hypothesis that people suffered from the strongest stress factors have general energy peculiarities differentiated by nosologic processes on their physiological levels.

Such energy features are fixed at the moment of exacerbation of their physiological disturbances stipulated with seasonal and time factors, ecology, internal personal conflicts.

Merging such people into a general group is verified with their similar psychological states: depression, asthenia, the large per cent of suicidal inclinations.

Suicidal mood is presented on the "rofogram" below.

Suicidal mood "rofogram"
Kirovgrads childrens colony /Yekaterinburg, Russia/.

Interpretation by meridians as follows:

Position of the broken line on meridian F depressive condition;
Position of the broken line on meridian V accumulated internal aggressive emotional mood;
Position of the broken line on meridian RP departure from the reality;
Position of the broken line on meridian P - recrimination himself and other people in everything happening.

Apparently, there is the same typical "trefoil", just there are the differences by concrete meridians.

From all the said, the demand for merging of rehabilitation programmes oriented to the different groups of population suffered from various stresses comes to mind.

Further improvement of "ROFES- diagnostics" intents getting hold three- dimensional forms of diagnostic results to reveal the disbalance of a persons organism energy components, and to fill in these with substantial factors on medical and psychological lines.

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