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The ROFES Scientific and Practical Tool (SPT) for collecting and processing psycho- physiologic information

It is necessary for use by:

  • Practical psychologists,
  • School psychologists and valeologists
  • HR managers
  • Medical psychologists
  • Social psychologists
  • Military psychologists
  • Institute and University' Chairs

"ROFES-MONICOR"SPT is an integrated software and hardware device.

It performs automated diagnostics conclusions on body's living systems, summarizes information about individual's personal characteristics, his current and future psychophysiological state.

"ROFES-MONICOR" SPT allows to:

  • Obtain person's psychoemotional portrait according to acupuncture diagnostics results;
  • Obtain patient's integral characteristics of adaptation to environmental conditions as a living biological system. The following integral characteristics are automatically determined on the basis of mathematically formalized analysis:
    • Functional state is the total of somatic status' components and psychoemotional background by 5-score scale (EXCELLENT, GOOD, SATISFACTORY, UNSATISFACTORY, RECOVERY IS NEEDED);
    • Person's adaptation potential (%) - readiness to fulfill his living functions;
    • Vegeto-emotional tone is the need of receiving and giving energy (Correlation with Lusher test);
  • Test with automatic calculation of conclusions by basic psychological tests Spilberger-Hanin' interview (determination of anxiety levels) and Short comprehensive questionnaire;
  • store and display individual and group test results;
  • reflect the alterations of recipients' test results in dynamics;
  • efficiently enter and correct client's psychological, physiologic tests of various orientation and complication;
  • scientific statistic processing of tests with classification of examined recipients by to any received answer and conclusion;
  • Data exchange by e-mail among similar systems

The practical experience of the ROFES users since 1995 has allowed to work out a number of technologies:

And others.

Assessments and conclusions used in the above mentioned technologies are automatically calculated in the ROFES software and are also studied in detail at the basic course for ROFES users and also at special seminars.

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